Tichowana the Bush Baby - A Tail of Three Continents by Roddy Martine<

Tichowana the Bush Baby

A Tail of Three Continents

On a whim, this is Roddy Martine's first work of fiction which he describes as a children's book written for grown ups.

The story line of Tichowana the Bushbaby concerns two bush babies who are kidnapped from their natural habitat in a wood in Zimbabwe and taken to South Africa to be sold on the InterNet. One is adopted by a famous singer and actress in New York; the other is purchased by the family of a member of parliament in London.

Thankfully, bush babies are currently designated Endangered Species so this could not happen nowadays. However, a number of moral messages are to be found in the dangers which the two animals encounter before being finally re-united - notably, the unkindness of removing wild animals from their natural habitats; the downside of irresponsible alcohol consumption; the power of loneliness, and the importance of self determination. Not least is the selfishness, cruelty and absurdity of human beings in a world which was created for all of us to share.

Tichowana the Bushbaby is a light-hearted plea for the co-existence between human beings and the glorious diversity of wildlife to be found on planet earth.

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